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NGS Re-birth continues……..

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June 2011
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Well the “re-birth” of North Georgia was put on hold last week due to rain, but this week it is a full racing program.

Even though the track has dropped one of the classes, Econo hobby. The Econo Hobby guys always put on a great show and they will be greatly missed, but having to run with Mod hobby if they wanted to race seemed to be asking too much. All the Econo drivers I have talked to are looking at racing else where for the rest of the season.

Lets look at the “Saga of the Econo’s “ this year. …. Last year the Econo Hobby class put on great shows every time they rolled on the track. But for some unknown reason they Econo class was bumped for this year in favor of the B hobby cars like run at other tracks locally. That didn’t go over so well with very low car counts two weeks in a row and the track dropped the class. The Econo’s who this season had been made to run with the next class up from them were given the shot .. If 10 cars showed up they would bring the class back, well there were 11 they put on an awesome show and points were posted and things appeared to be back to normal. But then the track closed, for 5 weeks and when it was reopened with a new promoter Mark Wooten, it was announced 5 days before the first race that if 10 cars showed up they would get to race. Everyone couldn’t get their cars converted back to Econo rules so only 8 showed up. They were made to run with the Mod Hobby class, who only had 8 cars, slower cars took out one of the regular front running Mod Hobby cars in a crash and the debate was on. Mod hobby drivers were screaming to get the Econo’s off the track, the econo drivers were screaming they wanted their class back. And now it seems only the Mod’s will get anything the Econo class has been left out in the cold again.

The main point of contention just before the track closed a few weeks ago was Mod Hobby rules changes to “Boyds “ rules, it had everyone up in arms, and now effective this weekend Boyd’s type rules will be in effect .. all in an effort to draw more cars, my question is what is different now ? Month an a half ago it had everyone hollering about rules changes mid season now everyone seems ok with it…go figure.

The car count this week should be very good with Boyd’s being closed for Riverbend in Chattanooga, so most of the regulars from there will be at NGS this weekend, but will they be there every week? Time will tell.

Could this be a turning point for local racers? Could this be the formula that saves NGS? No one knows for sure but we will see as the season rolls along.


the dr.



  1. jeff smith says:

    hey dr the hobby rules arent necessarilly boyds type rules i think there just opening the front tire rule up and allowing aluminum wheels i think both are good ideas tire rule applies to all classes which should make it more affordable for everyone at least on the steer tires i hope in the future the tire rule could be the same from super late model to hobby that would sure help with the expense

    • drflavio309 says:

      and busicuit bars…. its the same thing everyone was griping about weeks ago now everyone is for it.. It dont matter to me, really I just want to see the track stay open…

      the dr.

  2. Hambine says:

    I will be back at NGS as soon as 2 things happen!! I am told the Econos are running, or I get me a bigger motor!!! I don’t see a new motor this yr, so I will be waiting on the call. LoL good luck guys

  3. Hambone says:

    Where the heck did Hambine come from????

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