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Stokes Gets 1st Win!!!!

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June 2011
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Stokes gets first win!!!!!

N27 Driver Natasha Stokes


They saved the best for last last night at NGS. The mod pony race was low on cars but high on excitement, with the threat of rain at the start of the night it still turned out to be a great night of racing.

Normally I start the story with the events of the night in the order they took place, but this one is special, a driver got “Her” first win tonight. The racing family of Grady Stokes who is always at the front showed he passed along those racing genes to his daughter Natasha as she captured her first win tonight. It started out looking like it was going to be a Billy Callahan, Grady Stokes show, but Grady pulled out to lead early and Callahan pulled in to the pits with problems, but the race wasn’t over as the N27 car was running 4th when Callahan pulled off moving her to 3rd behind the 27 of her dad Grady and the 83 of Adam James, but James made hard contact with the wall a few laps later moving the N27 into second, making it look like a Stokes Racing 1-2 finish. But the night was not over as Grady in the always super fast 27 car started losing his clutch, the N27 started reeling him in and moved around him to take the lead, Grady tried best he could to run his daughter down but the slipping clutch wouldn’t let him catch the N27 as she pulled away for her first ever feature win. In victory lane it was hard to tell who was happier, Grady or Race winner Natasha, .

When the N27 pulled in to victory lane her first words were “what happened?” I told her she had won the race and she started crying, Grady was close to letting the tears roll himself as he watched his daughter get her trophy and have her picture taken. “If I had to get beat” Said Grady “ I can’t think of anyone else who I would rather be beaten by” Way to go Stokes racing.

Now for the rest of the nights story. It started with the Mod Hobby feature and the 20 car of Larry Higgins set sail with Jr Whitner chasing him , But Larry was not to be denied this night, as he led wire to wire, with the 1 car of Jr Whitner following him across the line, and Delbert Haynes and Mark Bishop rounding out the top 4 , but the 1 car of Whitner was found to be 50lbs light at the scales so he was DQ’ed, moving Haynes and bishop up one spot in the finishing order.

Next feature of the night showed some excitement as well with the NGS Dominator TEAM17 driver Jeff Smith buried deep in the field it was Craig Burrows who led the field to the green and took the early lead, but the 17S of Jeff Smith was not done as he started picking cars off lap after lap making his way to the front, and with 14 laps on the board he took the lead from the 23 car and never looked back walking away with the win following the 17S to the checkered was the 23 of Burrows and the 99 of Aaron Wheat.

Limited started out to be a great show with the 71 of Spencer Singleton taking the early lead and walking to the win followed closely by the T6 of Hernandez, a strong showing by the 11 of Lee Gray, (look for more on this driver coming this week) and Devon Dilbeck.

The supers saw local favorite Derek Ellis and Johnny Chastain take off with the 45 of Kevin “The Ax Man” Gibson giving hot chase. But at the line it was the 99 Ditchdigger Derek Ellis, the 00 of Johnny Chastain, M45 of Kevin Gibson, the 81 of Aaron Ridley and the 41 of johnny Cloer Jr. It was good to see Johnny Cloer back in his own car this season making a strong showing.

A pretty good night of racing even with a low car count but the threat of ran may of kept some folks at home.

NGS has nothing on Schedule for next week but if anything breaks I will bring it to you .


the dr.


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  1. Gary Jensen says:

    cool nice to read about the racing over there in GA

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