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A new dirt Fan!!!!…..

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July 2011
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Last week I got a new helper at work, and in our conversations I found out he was married and that his wife, Brandi Dawkins, had NEVER been to a dirt track race. Well I instantly offered to have her and her husband as our guest at North Georgia Speedway this past Saturday night.


During the week leading up to the races I thought I would give her a call and ask her what she thought she would like about it and ask what her expectations were. , she told me that she had been to a few NASCAR races but never up close like the dirt tracks . So While talking to her I asked her who her favorite driver was, she said”my husband would want me to say Dale Jr, but honestly I like Ryan Newman, cause he tries so hard, and Kevin Conway because of he never say die attitude and his constant drive to do the best he can”.

I told her about what she was in for at the dirt track and she seemed honestly excited about it so come Saturday we meet close to my house and her and her husband followed me to the track.

Once at North Georgia Speedway we walked in and I got her a spot on our trailer. I talked to her and asked what she thought so far and she responded “My first impression of the track was fun. I immediately thought this was a place where lots of fun happens! People were everywhere.” I took her around and introduced her to a few drivers, after talking to a few people I asked her what she thought and she said “I was surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Even competing drivers were friendly to each other. “ The night was still young ,I told her.

I watched her as the night progresses and she really seemed to be having a great time, I would stop by and talk to her during the night and she always said she loved it. At the end of the nights events I told her to think about the night and I would contact her later after she had, had some time to digest what she had experienced and get her take on the whole night.

So on monday I contacted her and asked her a few questions here is what she had to say.

    • what did you like the most about the nights events? . “I like the clean competition the best and the anticipation of what was going to happen next.”
    • what did you not like about the night? “I didn’t like how the cars would barely make it 1 lap before a caution would come out. I need constant action! “
    • .As a new comer to the sport what one change would you make if you could change one thing about the races? “I would change the location of the track. It really needs to be closer to my house so I could go all of the time. Oh and the porta-potties.”
    • what was your overall impression of the races? “My overall impression was I could see myself there. I could see my husband racing and teaching our kids all about it. I could see it being part of our lives”
    • Of the people you met what did you think of them? were they friendly and open? . “I thought all of the people were nice. The didn’t mind when I asked them questions. They seemed genuinely happy to help me understand.”

Her name is Brandi Dawkins I think she is a new dirt fan, she loved the races and asked her husband on the way home when they were going again?

It makes you feel good when you open someone’s eyes to the sport and the inside of it like most don’t get to see. So next time you mention racing to someone and they turn their noses up at it….. invite them to join you the next race you attend it will give you a new joy of exposing someone to a sport we all love so much.

I hope that each of you take the chance to take a new fan to the races as I have, it gives you a new perspective on the races , you see things in a way that you overlooked. And most of all, it creates new fans.

Thanks Brandi for taking me up on my offer and just so you know, you will always have a spot on our trailer.


the dr.


1 Comment

  1. Hambone says:

    It’s always great to meet someone new, who shares their beverages w/ ya!!!!

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