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Ronnie Johnson WINS at NGS!…..

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July 2011
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Jamie Lunsford carries the Flag.

With the temperature real close to triple numbers the racing at NGS was hot too!, the night started with a low car count in Econo Hobby and the econo’s were told they would have to run Mod hobby, so a few of them loaded their cars, not wanting to run with the next class up, but when it came time for heats the management of the track seen there was enough econo cars to run a feature so they pulled the econo’s out of the mod heats and gave them their own feature. Larry Higgins and Delbert Haynes won the two Mod hobby heats on a fast track.

The Econo’s took the track for the feature and it was Matt Boling and Donnie Patterson on the front row leading them to the green, Patterson took the point and was leading holding off defending Econo track champ Grimsley for the first 5 laps then the 64 got around him and set sail, only to be slowed by a late caution with 2 laps to go, on the restart it was the 64 of Grimsley looking for his first feature win and the T39 of Tim Totherow when the green fell on the restart Totherow charged hard into turn one and never looked back taking the win. Following the T39 to the checkered was the 64 of Grimsley, the 28 of Donnie Patterson and the o11 of Roy Oxford.

Mod Hobby rolled out next with Larry Higgins and Delbert Haynes on the front row and coming to the green the two battled side by side until the 11 of Haynes spun coming off of turn 3 handing the sole lead to the 20 of Higgins, but there was another number 20 car coming to the front in a hurry the 20 of Devin Stuart, it didn’t take him long to catch Higgins and get around him clean, and at the checkered it was Devin Stuart taking the checkered, but he was found to be light at the scales, so the win goes to Higgins with Mark Bishop 2nd, Haynes 3rd and Lee Harbin 4th.

Crates rolled out next without the TEAM17 17S of Jeff Smith who was running with the supers tonight. And Johnny Cloer Jr was subbing for Allen Green in the 41 crate car, on the first start as the field stormed to turn one the 23 of Craig Burrows and the 7 of Grayson York tangled and put the 41 Allen Green car with Cloer driving into the inside wall tearing up the 41 and parking it for the night. But the 27K of Brian Kinnersley was not to be denied, as he took the early lead and never looked back getting the win with the 23 of Burrows the 7 of York and the 4 of Scott Franks rounding out the top 4

The limited class was next in the nights features and from the green it was all Shannon Bearden, as he set sail and never looked back winning in dominating fashion, the 32 was followed to the line by the 30 of Devin Dilbeck the 11 Lee Gray and the 1 of Trig Parris, I do want to give a shout out to Lee Gray and Devin Dilbeck, with the 32 way out front the combo of Dilbeck and Gray put on a super show racing door handle to door handle lap after lap, in a recent interview with Lee Gray he had told me he loved racing with Dilbeck because he always drove him clean, and last nights race was a testament to that.

"The Chattanooga Flash" Ronnie Johnson

When the Supers took the track for the feature it was the 5 of the Chattanooga Flash and the 99 of the ditchdigger on the front row, Ronnie Johnson never looked back as he took the early lead and before the night was over he had lapped up to 5thplace in a dominating win, at the checkereds it was the 5 of Ronnie Johnson , the 99 of Derek Ellis the 17S of Jeff Smith and the 45 of Kevin Gibson.

"The Ditch Digger " Derek Ellis

The Stock pony race was next and it started with a bang, with the 14 of Ralph Langston and the 01 of Walston tangling in the back straight and Walston loosing his helmet! As he spun down the straight. But at the line it was the d14 of Donald Stone taking the win followed to the checkered by the X41 of Lamar “Bones “ Cook and the 57 of Matt Leonard.

Mod Pony looked to be a barn burner with the 27 of Grady Stokes and the 323 of Billly Callahn starting on the front row, but Callahan didn’t have a thing for Grady Stokes little 27 car as he walked away at the start , but only to be hampered by mechanical issues, he did return but while doing so he stopped on the track and was penalized for bring out a caution and scored last even though he passed every car on the track. So the official finish was 323 of Callahan,002 of Smith and the 7 of Caleb Howard.


It was a great night of racing with good close raing all night long on a track that gave some drivers fits but was still fast and provided great racing.


After the races I was told by track management that next week the supers will have a special “outlaw “ type race, with them allowing 12” spoilers and side plates on the supers for one race only, this won’t be an every week thing but a one time deal, should provide for some interesting racing! Word has it drivers who will be bolting on the “big” spoilers are the 99 of Derek Ellis, the 45 of Kevin Gibson, the Chastain boys, Multi time track champ, Gary McPhearson and more, so next week come on out and see the Big spoilers get it around the red clay of the FASTEST 1/3 mile track in the south!


the dr.



  1. Dirt Racer says:

    ya they decided to pull the econos off during the 2nd heat after a bunch of junk got tore up…they either need to run them or not combine them cause that equals alot of cautions….the econos need there own class so they can run with each other and not have to battle the mod hobbys…

    • drflavio309 says:

      I talked with Keith Ellis when they made the call to run Econo’s in their own race, and it was simple, when the call was made to combine them there was only 3 econo’s at the track, and soon as more showed up they made the call, I can understand that and I agree it ain’t right to pay 3 cars to run 15 laps just ain’t good racing…

      the dr.

  2. danny higgins says:

    great blog!

  3. Watchful Spectator says:

    good job devin stuart! way to be a pompous ass and show your true sportsman like conduct saturday night. hope your sponsors saw it too

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