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NGS hosts another barn burner!

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July 2011
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Even the weather couldn’t stop the excitement at North Georgia Speedway tonight!

Devin Dilbeck

The supers ran the big spoilers, the crates had a double protest, and the Bicycle races were outstanding!

After a short delay due to weather, the races got started with a couple heats in Mod hobby with Richard Dixson winning the first one and Larry Higgins winning the second lining up the front row for the Main event,

Next out was the econo hobby cars and it was all Booger Brooks in Labron Miller’s #21 B hobby car winning in dominating fashion, following Booger to the line was the 2nd 47 of Jeff Allen, 3rd 87 of Corey Sanders 4th 28 of Donnie Patterson.

The Mod hobby feature was shaping up to be a super race with the 3 of Dixson and the 20 of Larry higgins on the front row and it was dixson taking the lead on the first lap but here come Larry Higgins and on lap 2 Higgins got under the 3 of Dixson coming off of turn 4 taking the lead but the 2 leaders tangled on the front straight, ending Dixsons night and sending Higgins to the pits, while he did return it was just not Larry Higgins night but Mark Bishop who found himself on the point after the Higgins and Dixson tangle and Mark never looked back taking the yellow 11 car to victory lane, he was followed to the line by Delbert Haynes, 3rd was the 66 of Jordan Rodubough and 4th was the 10 of Clark.

The crates rolled out next with the TEAM17 17S of Jeff Smith and Craig Borrows on the front row, and when the green dropped it was the 17S show as the 23 of Borrows gave chase but never was able to run the 17S down giving Jeff Smith another win this year, he was followed to the line by the 23 of Borrow for 2nd, the 7 of Jason Deal 3rd, and the 41 of Allen Green rounding out the top 4.

But at the scales things changed as the 23 of Borrows protested the 17 of Smith, Randall Hill who owns TEAM17 decided it was time he looked at the 32 of borrow so we found ourselves in a double protest, with both engines being taken off to be checked.

In limited it looked like the 22 of Bobby Mayse would be the dominate car and he lead most of the race but all the while the 22 of Mayse was leading the T6 of Todd Hernandez was making his way thru the pack and on the white flag lap, he made a move on the 22 of Mayse and managed to get by the 22 of Mayse on the white flag lap giving the T6 the win, following the T6 of Hernandez to the line was the 22 of Bobby Mayse, 71 of Spencer Singleton and the 41 of Allen Green.

The supers were sporting some extra hardware tonight , with the track creating a one time only rule and allowing the supers to run a 12” spoiler if they so chose, and a few did, some of the ones running the big spoilers were Kevin Gibson, Derel Ellis, and Garry Mac, even Brian Jackson stepped up from his usual class of limited to run the big rear deck spoilers, and it was a great move for Brian , who came home 2nd to Derek Ellis, at the start it seemed it was gonna be all Ellis and Gibson , but Gibson broke a jackshaft in his rearend, and Gary Mac broke a rod for a rare DNF for the multi time track Champ. So at the line it was the 99 of Ellis getting the win, 2nd was the B4 of Brian Jackson, 3rd was Rick Hixson, and the 17J of Winge rounding out the top 4.

Stock Poney saw Ralph Langston take the win with the 10 of John Land 3nd and the D14 of Donald Stone 3rd

Mod pony saw Billy Callahan who started on the front row AGAIN, best the field taking the win 2nd was the 83 of Adam James, 3rd was Caleb “Noodle” Howard, and the 9 of Bruce Kimber 4th

Stay tuned for more details of some bonuses for the up coming Top Dog 50 and Details of the double protest.


the dr,.



  1. Travis says:

    ‘Bout time someone stopped crying and started buying! Way to go Burrows and Team 17 on manning up and showing what you’re working with.

  2. danny higgins says:

    amen travis!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bryan says:


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