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August 2011
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I have just spoken with Derek Ellis regarding the rules change, here is the way this is going to work.  cars running a 350CID engine will have to weight 2700 lbs, cars running a 400 will have to weigh 2850 lbs,

Cars that have run at NGS all year will still be legal. this is a merger of the two sets od rule not meant to push anyone out but to bring in more cars, NGS cars will still be legal running 8″spoilers, and triple disc clutches. Engines that have been running all year at NGS will still be legal.

No decisions have been made regarding rules for NGS for next year as yet, they willl be posted as they become available.

I hope this helps clear things up..

please any questions you have send them to me and I will do my best to get you an answer soon as I can.

thanks now come on out to NGS and lets go racin

There will be no Super late models this weekend, but they will be back next weekend!



the dr.


  1. BOBBY BULLET says:

    What about the body being to wide. Boyds is 72inches and NGS 65inches. Someone will bring it up. LOL

    • drflavio309 says:

      like it says” IF YOU HAVE RUN NGS ALL YEAR THE CAR IS STILL LEGAL AT NGS…… ” already have you were slow bobby…….lol

      the dr.

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