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Aaron Wheat…. Crate Driver….#99

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September 2011
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Every now and then you run across a driver who has all the tools needed to race, passion, talent, and skill. You will find all of these in this driver, Aaron Wheat of Chatsworth Ga. . Aaron drives the 99 in the Crate class at North Georgia Speedway.

He is in his 8th year racing, and when he isn’t racing, well he still has a steering wheel in his had as a truck driver for Lhoist North America.

Aaron races out of the same shop as Derek Ellis, but he owns his own car and foots most of the bills for his racing.

Aaron says that if he isn’t racing he likes bowling, going out to eat, and watching college football, and you may run into him at the movies as well.

His first race was at NGS in the sportsman class back in ’03 when I asked him how he finished he said “ I wrecked…” yeah he is honest too.

A 2001 Graduate of Murray county High School, Aaron says his hero in life would be Scott Bloomquist, because of his ability to drive a race car and all the things in life Bloomquist has had to overcome.

When asked about his goals in racing he said he wants to race more and be more consistent. I asked Aaron if he could drive anyone’s race car whose would he most like to drive? And the answer was Jimmy Owens, Aaron said “I have tried to learn from his finesse style of driving, and I think his car would fit me perfectly”. He said that driving against better drivers has made him a better driver and wants to drive against more drivers to help him improve on his own skills. I asked Aaron what he would like the fans to know about him that they may not know, and he said “ that I don’t have it made like everyone thinks, I have worked hard to get to where I am, and that I own my own stuff, most people think that Derek Ellis owns my car, but he don’t … I own it, although Derek has been a great help to me.” in fact Aaron list his biggest influence in racing as Derek Ellis. Aaron also wanted to say “ I would really like to thank Derek Ellis, Keiff and Tammy Ellis, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today not only as a racer but as a person as well, I also want to thank Ellis contracting, SHY Racing Suspension, Chip brindle, Outlaw Graphic’s, Autozone, Wilson Welding and Fabrication, Hendren Racing Engines and Chip Vinyard Performance Bodies.”

I got to say in the short time that I have known Aaron, he has shown over and over his willingness to help fellow drivers and he really reaches out to the fans. He is a special person who just happens to be a race car driver, and a pretty damn good one too……

I posed one last question to Aaron, I asked him what would he like for people to say about him in 100 years when they remembered him, and he said “ That I raced fair, and that I was a great guy to be around in the pits”. Well they say that about him now. And I have to agree…….



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