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the dr talks about safety!

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October 2011
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Safety in racing is something we can not do without, from the personal protection devices to the car, to the officials who respond to crashes. Each of these things could benefit from constant improvement. We need to police our sport and keep it safe so all of our drivers and fans and crews come home safe each and every night we go racing,

I want to address some of the issues I have seen in the past few years that need to be looked at, and looked at hard, not just for the drivers and crew but for the tracks as well. If you want to keep racing the tracks need to work hard at making sure that drivers, cars and crews follow the guidelines that are set forth.

Safety items need to be addressed every race, be it helmets, belts fire extinguishers, seats. All of these items need to be at the top of the list and should be watched!

Recently I watched a driver (I will not mention any names but you know who you are) who had some issues with his car, and he wound up hitting the wall, and slamming forward in his seat and slamming his helmet, into the wheel, why? Because his belts WERE NOT ON! Yeah they were over his shoulders but they were not properly latched! In case some of you drivers don’t know, belts should be snug and tight! Not loose. And helmets should be worn tightly and with the strap fastened. I also watched a driver involved in a crash loose his helmet in a crash, why? Because he said a tight strap choked him…… yeah right. Same thing with drivers who don’t wear gloves, or push the sleeves up on their suits, that is DUMB! They put sleeves on those fire suits for a reason! To protect your arms.

Seats should be properly mounted as well as the belts, if you don’t know the right way ASK someone! Is it worth it to cut corners mounting your seat or belts and loose your life or suffer a serious injury? Well if you won’t do it for yourself, or your loved ones then do it for the sport! Because when a driver gets injured and they look back and find that his belts were not mounted correctly or his seat was not right, even if he was burned due to no gloves and sleeves pushed up it comes back on the integrity of the sport. Making the sport look bad and drives up the tracks insurance rates, which cuts the purse the track pays out. So lots of little things add up.. and it all affects the bottom line. MONEY!

I am working on a series of blogs on various safety issues that should be addressed, both from the track level, driver level, and on the car level if you have an issue you would like to see me addressed let me know.

Also if your a driver who has a unique safety feature you would like to share with other drivers PLEASE get in touch with me and lets do all we can to make our sport safer!

I will also be doing a couple stories in the coming weeks about different ventures that some local drivers are involved in! They are going to be great! So stay tuned. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking the subscribe link on the top right of the screen. Do so and when ever I post a new blog you will receive it in your email box.



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