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Thanksgiving… from the dr…..

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November 2011
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Now that the season is over, and we all look forward to a new season next year, I personally would like to thank all the people behind the scenes at the track, the people who sell you your tickets, the ones who cook your food, and all the other jobs that don’t always get the recognition that they deserve… here is to you! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO week in and week out.

Ambulance – Murray County EMS

Announcer – Steve Millings

Concessions Backside – Angela Wilson, Chris and Christy Defore and Daughters

Concessions Topside – Amy Hall, Tony Smith, Micha and Allison Cartledge, Jason and Natima Walker 

Concessions Pit – Jennifer Childers, Breanna Wilson

Deputy – Murray County Sheriffs Dept  Officers J. Sluder, G. Welch, T. Brown

Fireman – John Parker, Jordan Parker, Eric Hastings, Brian Flood, Doug Brown 

Finance / Office – April Young, Misty Young

Flagman – Scott Boyd

Pit Official – Outlaw, Larry Johnson, Shannon Stepps

Raceiver – Jeff Jones

Pit Gate / Grounds / Track Prep – Bobby Defore, Dustin

Back Gate – Carli Smith

ScoreKeeper – Faye Brindle, Annie Brindle, April Stanfield

ScoreBoard – Doug Bridges

Tech – Terry Bingham, Shane Cloer

Ticket Booth Grandstands – Samantha Richards, Rose Winkler

Ticket Booth Pit – Bridgett Harris and Daughters, Carmilita Patterson

Track Prep / Race Director / Promoter / PR and everyday business transactions – Ellis Family Keiff and Tammy, Derek and Heather, Chasta

                                                                                                                      Wilson Family Terry (Tater) and Angela, Breanna, Seth

Gophers and anywhere assitance may be needed – Young Family Kevin and April, Kelly and Misty.

I want to extend a very special thanks to each of the Ellis’ and the Wilson Family for stepping up and keeping our little corner of the world open.

In talking with the Ellis’ and with Terry Wilson in the past few days they are very excited about the coming year. They will be putting some people in place to help get things done and help spread the word.

Rule books and the schedule will be out real soon so that everyone can get a great start to next year.

And I would be remiss if I did not personally thank each of you for reading my blog, the kind words everyone has sent me, it keeps me going. I look forward to a great year next year, I may be doing more things next year to help but more details on that later, thank each and everyone of you, my readers for sticking by me and reading each week.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday an that you enjoy a special time with your family.

PLEASE keep our men and women in each branch of the Armed Services in your prayers this holiday season as they spend time away from family, to keep each of us safe.

Stay tuned for a couple new driver profiles in the next week and some surprising news about next season at NGS!


the dr.



  1. acetone says:

    i like reading your blog. might not agree with it all but it is very interesting

    • drflavio309 says:

      acetone, thank you, for the kind words, I try my best to bring everyone a little bit of news and some food for thought, its comments like yours that makes it worth while.
      the dr.

  2. Wheelie King says:

    When are the new rules going to be posted?

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