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Craig Reece Crate Late Model driver….

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November 2011
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Dalton Ga. Has been known to produce lots of things, bedspreads, carpet, innovative fibers, race car drivers… race car drivers, really?

Yes and one of the hardest charging, up and coming drivers, is Craig Reece. “The Dalton Bad Boy”

Cody McCarver, Craig and Larry Reece

Craig is 31 and grew up in Dalton, he drives the National Title Pawn, Capitol Race Cars, Airport Auto Sales, LST Insurance, Allstars Performance, Afco, Outlaw Racing Graphics, Racetec Race Engines, Cody McCarver, ASI, Simpson Race Products, GW Performance sponsored Capital Race car in the crate classes, around the south.

Recently Craig teamed up with country singer Cody McCarver as a sponsor. The two recently got together to shoot a music video for Cody’s new and up coming song “Redneck Friends of Mine” Craig’s car and crew will be in the video. Cody who has debuted in “Cole Younger and Black Train” due out in April 2012 with Michael Madsen.

I spoke with Cody about his involvement with Craig, I asked him how the two of them got together and Cody said “.I first met Craig through the Hunter Worley Foundation “. “one thing that drew me to CRR was he was a good person working hard at his craft. Just like myself.”you could see the excitement in Cody’s eyes when he talked about racing, in the past Cody said he had followed Harley drag bikes and NASCAR and he has now added Dirt racing to his new loves. Cody said “The fit between racing (especially dirt track) and country music is a no brainer. Craigs fans are my fans. People who are disgruntled with POP country radio and people who are disgruntled with NASCAR!” A very valid point.

Craig says his goals for the coming year is to win more races and to win a Championship. With his skills and crew that is a realistic goal. Dixie Speedway is Craig’s favorite track.

With car builder Marshall Green as a major influence and Marshall’s dad James Green giving Craig the same guidance and coaching that took Marshall to winning the the World Dirt Track Championship. And with the constant guidance and coaching from James, Craig has really improved his chances of moving to the top of his class. And he ain’t far from that now. And when you factor in Cody McCarver into the mix its a match made in heaven.

With this team I see great things in the coming years as both of them find the fit between racing and music a benefit for both.



  1. russell lovett says:

    very good article,love the pics layout as well,you and him will be two good candidates for our show,would love have you both on the same show if possible

  2. William says:

    This will be FUN! I promise!

  3. Winston Tate says:

    Great driver,great friend,great person.. Drives with head on shoulders and not in the air.

    Winston Tate

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