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Redneck Friends Do Christmas…..

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December 2011
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Redneck Friends Do Christmas…

For a number of years I have written about racing and drivers in the North Georgia area, well today I want to step away just a little, this is about Christmas and the spirit of Christmas.

Yesterday Dec. 23 I had the honor of tagging along with country music singer and recording star Cody McCarver and local racer Craig Reece, as they took in a family who wasn’t going to have a good Christmas, everyone knows that Christmas is about the kids, and this was one of the most touching things I have ever witnessed.

At 12:30 we all met up at Wal-Mart in Dalton and in we go with a list. I watched as these two men reverted back to big kids as they walked through the toy department picking up toys and trying to find items on the list.

Craig Reece can push a buggy as good as he drives a race car!

I found out that Cody’s favorite Christmas movie is “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer original version.” It was great to see this man who is a Country Music star show that he is humble and has a heart the size of the sky above. Once the list was filled it was back to Craig’s house to wrap the presents.

Cody McCarver, gift wrapping machine!

Let me say this, not only can Cody McCarver belt out a song, but he is a gift wrapping machine! While every one else was standing there trying to figure out what went where, Cody was in high gear! He was wrapping presents 3 to 1 to everyone else. This guy is good!

Once the gifts were wrapped, we went up to Craig’s race shop to shoot an intro for an up coming video that will be on Cody’s website soon.

Then after a snack, gifts were loaded, and the Caravan took off to the home of the kids who were getting all the presents. When we arrived we were greeted with open arms and I seen a few tears on the faces of the parents when they seen the gifts, it was one of the most touching things I personally have ever seen.

Craig and Cody and all their new fans!

The gifts were all carried in and Cody and Craig started calling out names, and as each child’s name was called the joy and surprise beamed from those little faces. As each opened gifts and saw what was in side the smiles seemed to get bigger and bigger, pulling at heart strings and putting tears in the eyes of everyone there, “Outlaw” from Outlaw Racing Graphic’s was there with some gifts and he had a tear in his eye as well, he also revealed a secret about himself, he can talk and sound just like Elmo! As the gifts were all handed out hugs were going around and it was plain to see that both driver and singer had found some new fans! Autograph’s were handed out and pictures were taken and as the team started to leave a special thanks from the parents touched everyones hearts. It was one special day.

And as Cody and Craig said, this is something that EVERYONE should do! If you got a little extra, then Give, it’s what the season is all about in so many ways.

Craig’s sponsors really stepped up for this and they should be mentioned because they made this happen. National Title Pawn, Powell’s Country Kitchen, Airport Auto Sales, ASI Racewear, Simpson Race Products, GW Performance, Capital Fabrications, AFCO Racing Products, All-Star Performance, Outlaw Racing Graphics, LST Insurance, Hunter Worley Foundation” and Ractek Race Engines.

This was the brainchild of Debrina McCarver, cody’s sister so she needs a big “attagirl” as well.

The way this all came together warms my heart as is should yours as well.

Just a glimpse of what real racers do during the off season! Way to go CRR you guys are the best!

To see all the pic’s I shot yesterday click here


the dr.



  1. FLETCH says:

    Great stuff Dr.!!!!!! What comes around goes around… don’t it Bro…?

    • drflavio309 says:

      I know not everyone knows what your talking about Fletch, but I do and I want you all to know I said a special prayer this morning for each of you….
      In a nut shell, a couple years ago I was way down on my luck and a group of friends whom I had never met any of them but we were all internet friends, they found out and they chipped in took up a collection and made sure my kids had a special Christmas, the past few years have been tough for us one thing or another, but this year, like Fletch said, what comes around goes around, I was honored to be a part of this….. to each of my RNF’s buddies… We love you and think of you often… Merry Christmas…

      the dr.

  2. Madison Bishop says:

    GREAT story mitch.

  3. […] details in visit; or Craig Reece Racing or both on their facebook pages. Click here to view Mitch Walker’s write up of the […]

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