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The Ice Bowl as the dr seen it…..

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January 2012
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2012 Ice Bowl…. as the dr seen it!


I thought about the races all the way home last night and I want to say some of the best racing I have seen in a while, Ray Cook flying his new colors took the supers to school with a win , totally dominating the class, no matter what or who came at him Ray cook took off and ran away with the race, Jason Welshan took a hard hit with the wall and broke his thumb, and was doubtful for the crate feature but he did make the show.

The weather was horrible Sunday, over cast, rain off and on.. took 2 hours to work track in with 4wheelers …and the ruts, well lets put it as the announcer did, “the track has character” well those were his words, my take on it was the track had “ruts” huge ruts. But it made the drivers very careful about picking their lines.

But the real story of the night was the Crate feature, Jeff Smith from Dalton Ga, had bad luck right off the bat and wound up with a flat, fixed it under caution and came back out 24th, and one by one picked his way back to the top, Tim Busha lead a large part of the race looking like no one had anything at all for him. But with about 7 laps to go Busha seemed to hurt his car and started dropping back, and it was Simms in the 07 the 2X of Anthony White and the 17S of Jeff Smith, on the last lap it was Anthony White with the lead, and Jeff Smith dove under him getting into turn 2 and down the back straight, White was all over Smith but like a true racer Smith never lifted going for the checkered and into 3 it was either one’s race, with Smith holding a slim lead, when White tried a bonsai move to retake the lead and came up short, Jeff Smith took the win followed by Larry Timms and 77 of Connor.

I want to commend the staff of TST for the never ending work to try and make the track better it just wasn’t meant to be.


the dr.


Final results


1 53 Ray Cook

2 21 Joe Armistead

3 2H Stacy Holmes

4 1H Jason Hiett

5 12 Chad Winkles

6 66 Jake Knowles

7 22 Jason Wilson

8 25R Tim Roszell

9 33B David Brannon

10 1 Vic Hill

11 15H Ethan Hunter

12 17S Jeff Smith

13 47M Ross Martin

14 32 Lamar Scoggins

15 99 Terry Smith

16 47 Brad Hall

17 15D Jamie Dacus

18 124 Mike Weeks

19 18C Dillon Crim

20 97 BLee Burdett

21 26 Tony Knowles

22 15B Tim Busha

23 121 Benji Cole

24 129 Jason Welshan

25 C8 Timothy Culp


1 17S Jeff Smith

2 07 Larry Timms

3 77 Brian Connor

4 55K Ryan King

5 15B Tim Busha

6 17G Adam Gauldin

7 39J Jimmy Elliott

8 35 Tony Gray

9 11 Scottie Hiett

10 2X Anthony White

11 007 Hunter Best

12 11S Austin Smith

13 10W Chris Wallace

15 51 James Cline

16 29 Jason Welshan

17 47 Michael Page

18 23 Cory Hedgecock

19 95 Brandon Williams

20 18E Chase Edge

21 07JE Jimmy Elkins Jr

22 56 Kyle May

23 21 Mac Owens

24 5C Mike Combs


1 21 Joe Armistead

2 18MP Mark Page

3 68 Tanner Works

4 81K Adam Cummings

5 17KG George Korrerds

6 5C Jonathan Chapman

7 42 Jared Watson

8 11B Chip Burke

9 66 Paul Allred

10 58 Tony Thompson

11 19M Colten Miller

12 15 Josh Hale

13 7N Nick Yancy

14 119 Mike McConnell

15 247 Dustin Stewart

16 18A Jason Maurer

17 51 Mack McCarter

18 22 Shawn Mooneyham

19 79 Dewayne Powell

20 48 Andy Picklesimer

21 07 David Dotson

22 6C Jeff Crowder

23 11 Lovan Sparks

24 17 Allen Carter


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  1. DT says:

    Good report – nice to get a complete list of the three races.

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