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Season opener won by Rain….

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March 2012
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Rain came and the track tried everything they could think of, even 4wheelers! Which I have never seen at NGS but the staff of the track was determined to get the show in and they tried.  but Mother Nature was not going to allow it so the race was called after working it back in for the 3rd time. it was just too late for things to progreess at a reasonable pace.

I spoke with Mr. Ellis after the race and he was heart broken and wore out from all the efforts to get the race in, ” we tried everything we could to get the show in tonight for the fans, but it just wasn’t to be” Mr Ellis also added ” Doc, I want you to let the fans and the drivers know that we really thank them for coming out and supporting the track this is one of the biggest crowds we have had in a long time and I wanted to getthis show in more than anything, but we just ran out of time” .  Terry Wilson also said much the same thing ” We tried to get this in for the fans who were super  for hanging with us at our season opener and this is gonna be a great year when we have fans like we have” Terry Wilson said. I couldn’t agree more with both of them.

We worked out a few bugs in the P/A syst3em while waiting and it was fun to start my new job as roving pit announcer. I look forward to a awesome season this year and hope everyone will join us next week for the ultimate late model series !$4000.00 to wqin race March 31st.


the dr.


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