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The Wrench behind the Wins……..UPDATE>

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May 2012
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Over a month ago when I wrote this article on Mark Defore, I truly believed that he was one of the reason’s for Craig Reece’s success, and I have watched this team over the past month and followed them closely, and I have seen them in action, I have watched as Mark diplays his passion and dedication day in and day out. The effort he has but into this team is showing, with 4 win’s this year at Dixie where the 74 car has dominated the points race, followed by a win at Rome this past weekend this really is a team locked and loaded. And a large part of it is because of the crew chief Mark Defore, who may be one of the best in the business, with his hard work and dedication showing through week after week.

After watching them for the past month I thought an update was needed, so check this article out again and see that it was more than just an article it was a sign of things to come.

The dr.


When you look on a race track on a Friday or a Saturday night, you will see lot’s of race cars, but what you don’t see its the hours of hard work put in by the crew chiefs. These guys work hours and hours for very little pay or recognition, just the fact that they know in their hearts that they are turning wrenches on the best race car out there. And if you doubt the car a crew chief wrenches on is the best….. ask him.

Some of these master wrench turners are fortunate to have a good driver, one who will put the car up front and use the hours of work the crew chief puts in. One of these lucky crew chiefs is Mark Defore. Head wrench for Crate late model driver Craig Reece.

Mark Defore has raced karts and he tried a hobby car for 6 years but realized that his calling was turning wrenches.

Mark likes to spend his time with Emily his daughter, if he isn’t working on race cars, but racing is in his blood. Being around it for most of his life he has developed a deep understanding of racing and its his love.

As Mark puts it “ if you find a job you love to do, you won’t every have to “work” for the rest of your life.” and He lives the behind the scene stuff. Its what he does best. And with the wins coming fast and furious for the CRR #74 Crate car, Mark is doing his home work. Winning is not just a Saturday night job, it’s a real day in and day out job. One that Mark takes very seriously.

Mark started messing with race cars at age 16, he loved the going fast part of it. And he will turn 45 this coming Sept. so with approaching 30 years in racing he knows his stuff. And Mark has been with CRR for going on 15 years.

Winning at the Rome Boss race last year was his high point when Craig came back to racing and everything jelled, Mark wants to keep stepping up the ladder working his way up to the top class of racing. Mark looks at the Crate series as merely a stepping stone to the top classes.

He has a never give up attitude and that is the one thing he prides himself on, that and his dedication and passion for racing.

Mark says that just being around racing makes him happy, and that being at the race track makes him feel at home, “its the best place on earth” says Mark.

When I asked him if he was superstious he only said “don’t eat no peanuts in our pits, My daughter was eating peanuts in our pits one night, and I spun out and destroyed my hobby car, so eating peanuts is a taboo.”

I asked Mark if he ever thought about going back to driving, “ yeah I would love to go out an make a few laps but I like doing what I am doing now I am good at it.” and His performance speaks for its self. He is good at it.

Mark said that when he is dead and gone the thing he wants people to remember about him is that he was a great person who would help anyone with anything. And that he LOVED racing!

The duo of Craig Reece and Mark Defore is a force to be reckoned with, there is no doubt about it, they are jelling and working like a team, again and the more they race together the better they get, so better look out they are a coming.


the dr.


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  1. Teresa Godwin says:

    Mark is one of the sweetest best guys or better yet …the best guy that Craig could possibly have working & repairing on his car 🙂 I’m veryyyyyyy proud of him hugssssssssss & kissesssssssssss …..Love ya Mark : )

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