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The dr’s weekend bits……….

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June 2012
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From Dixie….

The Dalton Bad Boy Craig Reece continues to roll at Dixie Speedway winning #4 this past Saturday night.

Starting from a outside 2nd row starting place, with the 74 car Reece worked his way up through the field and on lap 17 he showed the dominance of the Capital Fab Race car as he rolled around the outside of Coaltrane, for the lead, Coaltrane, who was found to be light at the scales, found out it takes more than a light race car to catch the Capital Fab bunch and he watched the 74 pass him on the outside and pull away.

4 wins gives Reece a comanding lead in the points at Dixie since he has rolled out the new Capital Fab Race Car this year. Proving the Capital Fab cars are forces to be reckoned with.

From Sugar Creek……

This is the track where I made my house call for the week, details on that will be on our show Monday…..

David “the coach” Payne lead the entire race for the win in the supers While Kenny Collins and David McCoy were the class of the field in the Southeastern Sportsman series taking the first and 2nd spots.


From Cleveland……

The wins of the night were overshadowed by the fights on track and the fights in the pit’s. Riley Hickman takes the win but no one cared with the fights taking the majority of the attention. More on this later.


Stay tuned for the details on all of this on our Monday show… link to be posted later.

The dr.



1 Comment

  1. jeff smith says:

    Im thinking its about time to buy some tires and head south to see just how bad the dalton bad boy is! maybe we can keep up

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