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the dr is back in the office!

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December 2012
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Well it has been brought to my attention I should start writing again. I admit I slacked off when the Radio show took off, but I have been asked to really start back writing SOOO in conjunction with the radio show which I will be doing again on Monday nights with the “Results Show” I will keep doing my Wed Show called” Humpday Harmony “and the every popular Thursday night “Pit Pass with the dr”. To give you the run down on each show its like The Results show, will focus soley on resutls from area tracks, and a interview or two. The wednesday night show will continue to feature up an coming artist and song writers. I will be introducing a new co-host for the wed nightshow J,D, Tharpe, J.D. Is a singer songwriter himself so he is a natural fit and he has co hosted a couple show with me the past fw weeks and done an awesome job, look for more and bigger things coming from J.D. Both recording wise and radio show wise.

I am always open to new ideas for topic’s or people you want to see featured here, I am also doing photo work so if your team needs a photo shoot of your new car or the new body just let me know. Very reasonable price wise. And if you do a shoot with me your car will appear here in my blog as well.

I am also looking for guest for all of my shows, local artist, for the Wednesday night show, I will need a few MP3 files of you work and a short bio of you and/or your band.

If you would like to be on any of my shows please feel free to contact me at

thanks and hope to hear your idea’s soon!


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  1. Russell Lovett says:

    Rusty Williams said if you would get back in touch with or me,he would to set up a date to come on your show

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