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Announcers….. the dr’s view….. good or bad?

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January 2013
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After watching the crash yesterday on SPEED channel of the testing at Daytona with the new Gen6 Cars of NASCAR I realized a couple things…..

Let me preface this with saying the show “Kurt Busch Outlaw “ really got this started, well not got it started, but brought it to the forefront. After watching BOTH sides of a few issues that Busch had it changed my views of how he was dealt with by the media. And that is what is spawning this blog….

During the test session yesterday at Daytona a pack of cars was starting the drafting practice with the new car and in the middle of it the 88 car old Dale Earnhardt Jr got into the back of the 9 car of Marcos Ambrose unleashing a huge melee of carnage. But my point is the announcers of Larry Mac and Darrell Waltrip were real quick to lay the blame on Carl Edwards, who drives the 99 thru 2 replays they kept referring to Edwards turning into Ambrose, and causing the crash, then when the replay crew got the camera angle up of the pack of cars from the side, showing clearly the 88 not the 99 causing the crash, oh well the whole tempo of the announcers views changed…. now suddenly it was just a result of the drafting and something the drivers were going to have to get used to. Hummm makes you wonder don’t it? It has long been said by Waltrip himself that him and Dale Jr are buddies, well I work as an announcer myself, and I have had to call races with my friends out there racing as well, I don’t give them any breaks just because they are my friend, no I call it like I see it. If one of my friends cause a pile up… well it is called that way. I don’t try to bend the facts of the matter just so my buddy don’t look like an idiot. I call a spade a spade, regardless.

But did Waltrip do that? Did the buffoon Larry Mac do that? Nope not even close. In the show I mentioned Kurt Busch the outlaw, there was a comment made by Larry MacRenyolds where he said “ We as announcers are trying to grow the sport” really? I thought it was an announcers job to report what was happening, not insert his views and opinions of how his buddy is doing. Those same reporters lambasted Busch over and over for how he handled an interview with Bob Pockgrass and just raked Busch over and over the coals, an that was OK because they are trying to “Grow” the sport. HORSEFEATHERS! Just report the damn facts. Don’t try to twist them around and make your buddy out to be the good guy.

NASCAR has long been known to want control over everything, including the drivers responses to questions and how they act and where they go, NASCAR wants complete and total control. And now it seems they have control over the lackeys in the booth as well. Will we the fans ever get just the facts? Not all the hyperbole? I doubt it.

But I promise you one thing, I personally will never EVER cave into a sponsor in my call of a race or a situation. If you want a prettied up sugar coated version of the facts then you need to head on down to Krispy Kreme cause the dr ain’t sugar coating nothing! I will always call it like I see it good or bad, its how I work. And I will not change that to please a sponsor one iota. I like to think that any reputable sponsor in the racing community would value the truth more than some ass kissing comments from a washed up crew chief and race car driver.


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  1. Russell Lovett says:

    love it,things like this is what I use to read on my off days and weekend,glad to have it back,may not comment or click like on em all but you can bet they will be read

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