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The dr is BAAAACK!!!

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March 2014
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Well as the title says I am back! After taking a long time off due to excessive work load both at work and at home I have found that I miss sharing my views with the readers so I am starting up again.  And here goes……

For the past couple years I have been working at North Georgia Speedway as a …. Well flunky would describe what I done best, it has honestly been a labor of love, the love I have for the sport. I have gotten to meet some of the most awesome drivers, I have also gotten to interview a few of my long time hero’s’ like Jody Ridley last 2 years at the Biddle Ridley Memorial Race, I grew up watching and following Jody thru the years mostly because he was from my home town area and because he was loyal to the Fords which everyone knows holds a special place in my heart.

I have always been a very emotional person and meeting Jody and getting to do a live interview with him was a moving moment for me. I tracked him down at the track and got to speak to him for a few minutes before we went live. I told him I had always liked him and let him know how special it was for me to get to talk to him. He smiled, a very quiet man who let his driving do his talking.  During the interview I thought back to all the people who had interviewed him before me, an how special that in its self was.  But then I realized this was the FIRST Biddle Ridley Memorial and no one had interviewed him in this setting, as him and I talked about his brother Biddle during the live interview I seen a tear in the corner of his eye, you could tell he loved his brother and how much it meant to him that the track was honoring his brother in that way. After the interview was over he shook my hand and thanked me for spending the few minutes with him. It was a time I will always remember.

Another interview I remember was Ray Cook in victory lane Another man who was a Ford driver who I had followed for a long time.

I had met Ray a while back after I had done an interview with another local legend, Paul Mullinax,  Paul had been referring to Ray as “Little Ray” for a couple hours during our interview and I finally asked him “ Little Ray who”?  he smiled and said “well Little Ray Cook of course” he smiled and told me “ Next time you see him you call him Little Ray and you tell him I said to do it”  … so back to the story…..

I walked up to Ray Cook and called out to him “ Hey there, Little Ray” Ray Cook stopped mid stride, and turned around looking at me sort of smiling, “ That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time” Ray stood there as I told him about my interview with Mr. Mullinax he smiled and asked how Mr. Mullinax was doing, and then he asked me to join him, in his trailer to say a word of prayer for Paul. THAT is the kind of man Ray Cook is.

There are lots more memories I will be sharing over the next few weeks as we get ready for racing season.

I will not be working at NGS this year , and I am going to miss that,  BUT I will be traveling around some and hitting a few tracks I have not been to before, so you just never know where you will see the dr pop up! Stay tuned and please pass this link around and let everyone know the dr is back!



  1. 4030dale says:

    Dirt racing is lucky to have many many volunteer PR guys, and your work is appreciated by many.

    I wish you were paid what you deserve.

    • drflavio309 says:

      thank you sir, but knowing that people are reading what I write and that they enjoy it is payment enough for me… no other sport in the world has the loyal following that dirt racing does and it shows in the passion for the sport!
      the dr.

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