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Sponsor Workshop: Exposure, everyone needs it.

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March 2014
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(This is part one of a series of articles I will be doing on racing and moving your program to the next level tune in each week for the new installment! )

 Exposure, it’s one of those things EVERY racer wants, it’s what lands sponsor’s and helps a driver gain fame, not so much fortune but fame. But at what cost do you seek the exposure? Do you align yourself with a good person who can give you 30,000 people hearing your name, say on a radio show or do you hook your wagon to a person who has been accused of scamming folks, taking in money that is supposed to go to charities, or giving away prizes that never arrive? Who can put your name in front of 3500 people? Do you take that risk simply because it’s the easy way, or the way that has the easiest path?

NO!!!! you don’t that kind of exposure is tainted, it carries to much negative baggage, that once it is in your wagon so to speak, you can never get shed of.  But people, day after day, go the easy route, never doing any checking on a person or their background, they just hook that wagon to the person who sounds like they are the magic man or who can promise the moon, but yet never delivers.

I see this day in day out where people never think before they act, they see buckets of gold and they get the fever blindly following the person with blind faith, then when they have been taken for all they have to give they are tossed along side the road.

But you still try to tell them what is going on because you don’t want to see anyone scammed or taken advantage of, but they refuse to listen until its too late.

So if you’re a racer or a person who is seeking the exposure  to move your personal program to the next level whether its racing or music, or what ever, do your homework! Check out the person with whom your aligning your self and make sure that its YOUR interest that they are concerned about, an not their very own!

Seek out a person who is reputable, and knows what they are talking about, someone who has done this type of stuff before, yes it may cost you a little money up front BUT it is worth it and it’s the right way to do it. After all you don’t spend $1000 for a set of tires just because you heard they give you a 2 second drop in lap times do you? No you get out there and look it up, you find out if its true or if your buddy is just blowing smoke! So why would you want to take your reputation to a scam artist who is only wanting to use you to better themselves?

Always remember the words of advice from my Grandpa, “ if it sounds to good to be true, ….. it is”  really its words to live by!

Good luck !


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