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Deaths in racing…..

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March 2014
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Deaths in racing….


With the recent death of a young driver in Fla. I have been thinking about things that could be done to improve the safety in racing, and the one thing that has been glaring me in the face all day is this….

Tracks and promoters HAVE GOT TO TAKE ACTION! Now days promoters are opening the tracks simply cause they see it as a way to make a few quick bucks, and they have a real “to hell with safety” attitude and it has to stop.

Race tracks have been slowing backing out of the technical inspections of race cars over the last couple years, as more tracks shirk the responsibility of checking cars. Not only for illegal parts but for safety.

I have heard over and over track promoters say that Gloves and HANS devices are not mandatory, they say they are recommended but not mandatory. THAT IS BULL CRAP! Wear the gear or don’t race! Pure and simple. If you care about your drivers, and your fans PROTECT them! Stop letting them get away with things like safety, I can see it sort of  if you as a promoter are to damn lazy to tech cars for illegal parts, and you want to pass that job off to a crappy ass protest rule, and say that your letting the racers police themselves, really? I mean honestly have you EVER seen racers be able to police themselves? It turns into a “those that have the money make the rules” type thing. Protest NEVER work! It drives up the cost of racing and cuts out the little guy who struggles to just make it to the track!

But back to the point I wanted to make, if you as a track owner or promoter are to lazy or cheap to tech cars for safety items and car construction then get out of racing!  I fail to see how some of these promoters can lay down at night and sleep knowing that they are allowing cars poorly built to take the track, or allowing drivers to take the track in minimal safety gear.  And blame it on some stupid logic like “well that’s what the insurance company requires” man up and do what is right! So what if you cut your car count down by 4 or 5 cars, if those cars are not safe your doing yourself a favor! And the driver as well.

We as racers need to take our sport back, from the greedy promoters who are only out to make a buck then take off running at the first sign of trouble.

Now I really want to hear comments on this, and ANY PROMOTER who is man enough to defend this logic of not teching cars, I challenge you to be a guest on my show.


The dr.

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  1. THANK YOU DR>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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