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Feeling left out?

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April 2014
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Feeling left out?

In this modern day of including everyone and being politically correct, it seems race tracks have went the other way.
Today more than ever we are seeing race tracks lock in one tire brand, or one crate brand, what’s next? Only drivers who’s name starts with a G?
I mean really, Neismith Crate Series, yes its sponsored by a Chevy Dealership, but to only allow GM crate motors seems like 2 things, 1) they are scared of the Ford Crate motor, or 2) they don’t want the BEST crate racers in the country.
What difference does it make if both motors are sealed and built to make the same horsepower? If anything it generates more fans! It generates the Ford VS. Chevy crowd and puts more fans in the seats.
You watch and mark my words, the series that will allow both motors and even the Dodge if and when they ever get it done, will be the series who attract the large fields and huge car counts. Not everyone is a Chevy Fan…….
Or tires…. I just seen where Smokey Mountain has jumped on the Hoosier only bandwagon, really? Why? Because Hoosier is paying part of the purse? Or is it just a kickback to the promoter/track owners, does the money Hoosier pays the track make its way into the purse?
Race car drivers are out to get the best deal they can, and sometimes they have to lock into a tire deal to be able to afford to race, so if a driver locks into a deal with American Racer and a track won’t let him run those tires he goes elsewhere, does that help the race track? Lower car count eq uals less money for the track… someone please explain to me how this benefits anyone other than the person who is getting the kickback?
Last time I checked the name of the game for race tracks was to make money, and if the gate money falls then the prices go up, prices go up, prices go up then fans stop coming, where is the money in that?
In my mind, the way to make money at a race track is to get as many cars and fans there as possible, by doing this you can turn a profit and everyone is happy. BUT if a track insist on only allowing one tire brand or one crate engine type, how can they be looking at the big picture? They aren’t, they are looking at lining the pockets of the person who pulls the trigger on making rules. They are not looking out for the fans or the racers, they are looking out for themselves, and that is called greed, and greed is what has killed race tracks all over the place.
It is how a promoter can tailor his field to suit his sponsors, not the tracks sponsors but the ones who pays him.. show me a track who is boosting the pay out with rules that pick a select brand of tire or motor make. Can you name one? I can’t. and that is why it seems race tracks are falling all over the place. Something has to be done and soon.
I guess the time for racer unions is at hand, racers banding together to work toward an equal playing field at every race track. No matter where they go. It is a topic I have avoided for a long time, I am not pro union in the work place never have been but it seems that in the world of racing unions may be the only answer to bring promoters in line with the real world.
Now what do you think?


  1. Griffin KInsey says:

    First the crate.That class was designed to make motors cheap AND to make the playing field as close to level as posible.I know they messed up let different engine builders rebuild them(the 525 has fixed that),but if you allow a total different brand there no way the field can be as level.You know I’m a old ford guy and Id be fine if ALL them were fords,but… As far as tire rules.Again the rule is designed to level the field and keep you from having a truck load of tires . I do not race at Dixie,but they really have the best rule EXCEPT they charge too much for them.There is nothing wrong with a track making money on tires but …

  2. drflavio309 says:

    Griffin, the crate series is like you say adulterated , BUT Ford didn’t build the SR347 to blast the GM 604 out of the water they built it to be competitive, and it has been everywhere it has run against the GM 604, when you compare apples to apples they are equal as two motors can be. two brands can race against each other an be good for the sport as long as you keep the cheating out of it… run them right out of the box no blueprinting, no sending it to the engine builders, right out of the box…. and as far as tire rules go its called a durometer, make them stick a number before and after the race, take random samples and presto, its level. Tracks have got to become more proactive rather than reactive in tech’ing cars AND tires. like the IMCA does…. other wise racing will never grow it will only wither and dry up…
    the dr.

  3. Griffin KInsey says:

    Apples to apples one is $2000 more.The duro of a tire is only one small piece of the puzzle.The type rubber and the carcuss have WAY more to do with how the tire works.Thats why when you look at the open tire rules you have to have so many sets.The compound is but one varible.Racing will ONLY grow when and where the promoter puts forth an effort,not only to control rules but also really promotes the races.Openning the doors and hoping “they will come” doesn’t cut it.Back to the motor vs chevy is at thing of the past.Fans have no ideal what type of motors are in the cars…

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