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Rules……… they gotta change!

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October 2014
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I have been around racing for more years than I care to count, and here in the south one of the main complaints I have heard for years is “ all the tracks need to get their rules in line with each other so drivers could travel a little if they want, or if it rains,” but tracks for some unknown reason insist on sticking to rules that fit only their track.
Look at it this way, each week on my radio show I do results from all over the USA, and the tracks in the south have avg car counts in the 60-75 car range in 5 or 6 classes. But you look out west where they share a sanctioning body such as the IMCA and you see car counts in the 100-125 range in 4 or 5 classes. Now why is that ? Why? I will tell you, its because tracks learned that in order to survive they had to band together and unify the rules and the easiest way to do that was to bring in a national sanctioning body, such as the IMCA.
Now I have been impressed watching the IMCA do tech at Cotton Bowl Speedway back in July, Selby Holder, and his guys were on the ball! Its groups like this that we need in the south and the track promoters need to take notice of the IMCA … it is a way for everyone to win! Drivers will have the ability to travel if they want, they can run for a national points fund, and the tracks don’t have to worry about making the rules each year because the IMCA has taken care of that…. tracks benefit from guys who travel to race, and from having uniform rules.
Why can’t the promoters in the south see this? It is a win win situation and there is no down side, you shut up the whinney cry babies on rules, you please the guys just wanting a chance because the rules are all the same…. how can this go wrong? I challenge ANY promoter to join me on my Monday Night Results Show and tell my why it wouldn’t work… I dare you! Now if you feel you can explain why it wouldn’t work feel free to contact me and lets talk about it on my show…..

For those of you who have never listened to my show the link is it airs monday Nights at 9PM EST tune in this week as we address this topic and I have an open spot for any I said ANY promoter who is willing to talk about why the IMCA wouldn’t work …. anyone?


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