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Something to think about………

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November 2014
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For the past few weeks I have been looking at the local tracks around here and doing some thinking, why do 3 tracks want to run on a Saturday night? North Georgia Speedway in Chatsworth Ga. Has always run on Saturday nights, with a couple seasons where Friday night was tried. Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland Tenn. Has also always been a Saturday night track. This past year they switched to Friday nights due to a re-opening during the season coming out of bankruptcy and had a huge success. Boyds has been a Friday night track for the past few years and had great management and made a new group of fans who love it. Now with a new track I-75 Speedway in Sweetwater Tenn coming into the mix it really creates a huge problem for fans and drivers alike. …. WHERE DO WE RACE?
Some drivers like to race two nights a week, Friday night and Saturday nights. Some just like to run one night. Fans are the same way, so where to race……….. THAT is the big question this year.
There have been efforts in the past to get the three tracks to work together with rules and scheduling but never got anywhere with that.
I have long said we need a sanctioning body like IMCA or UMP to create a set of rules, it would benefit the racers, and in turn it would benefit the tracks by giving the tracks a set of rules that would allow drivers to travel around some, and not have to change the car. But no promoter has ever wanted to try it. But if you look out west at how well the IMCA works I can’t see why it won’t work here. But the tracks will want to all hit a home run instead of playing base hit ball…. Anyone who ever played ball knows that base hit ball is the sure way to score runs.
In order for the tracks around here to succeed and prosper it is going to take them working together or we are going to see tracks closing left and right.
After spending time in Texas this year and seeing how things work down there I can’t see why it wouldn’t work here, everyone put an egg in the basket and bring in some corporate sponsors paying a season points fund between ALL the local tracks who jump on board, have some two and three day shows, WORK together not against each other, each one of the tracks can eek out a living doing it on your own OR join together and everyone have a great year and put fans in the seats every week!
I think the tracks owe it to the fans who are there each and every week to watch, give them a show Each and every week. If the tracks want to charge the premium admission, then they should be putting the best show on the track each week.
Now promoters what is it going to be? Can you work together to further the sport? Or do you want to keep trying to hit a home run on your own? I would love to have any of the promoters join me on my show to discuss this if your interested shoot me a message and we will put a show together just for this…


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