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NASCAR, the best thing to happen to dirt racing in years…….lol

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February 2015
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Throughout the 40+ years I have followed NASCAR I have witnessed many changes, as the sport has evolved it has grown, and in hind sight most of the changes have been for the better, then along came Brian France, who wanted to revolutionize a sport that didn’t need revolutionized. Instead, he thought the fans, the core group of fans out there whom had supported NASCAR through thick and thin for all those years were not spending enough of their hard earned money with NASCAR, so,….. he started courting the “wine and Cheese” crowd, the upper income fans who had the piles of money to blow, the ones who were willing to spend $2000 on a weekend of racing. Well we all seen how well that worked out, and suddenly tracks that were historically sell out tracks, now couldn’t give seats away, so again Brian France had the answer, he called it “the Chase” a new way to crown a Champion. That sucked too, so he created the “car of tomorrow” again, that sucked wind as well. But through it all Brian France and his merry band of buffoons thought they had it going their way. “The numbers are up in attendance” France said, when actually they were in steady decline. And when the TV Networks occasionally showed empty seats, presto, time for annother knee jerk reaction. Lets take seats out! Yeah thats the way to do it, we can’t sell these seats at $100 a seat so lets just take them out… that was the beginning of the end for me, if he was so dead set to completely remove all doubt that he was a complete idiot, he has finally done it with the most recent round of changes…… and THAT brings me to the current crop of foolishness he has created. Group Qualifying……. the very thing most of the fans rejected last year at every track it was used at, now he has brought it to the “center of speed, Daytona” for the 500.
I have never seen the level of stupidity that NASCAR has shown this quick in a season in my life, and the thing is Clint Bowyer voiced his opinion today after a crash with Reed Sorensen who is a Start and Park Team( those are a whole separate article) who took Bowyer out of the “group qualifying” melee. Bowyer said it best, “This is stupid, no one on pit road wants to do this, its not how we are supposed to start the greatest race on earth” and I agree, Brian France, as I have said on my radio show before your daddy and granddaddy are both spinning like tops in their graves at what you have done to the sport they built. The legends of this sport stand in complete amazement at what you have done.
In the past lots of fans have grown tired of the phantom yellows, and the efforts of NASCAR to control the outcome of the race, even going so far as to add Jeff Gordon to the final group when he didn’t make the field. Well now you want to control the start of the event as well? You want to decide who will start on the pole, ironic that NASCAR’s wonder boy of yesteryear, Jeff Gordon winds up on the pole today….
But to further prove just what a complete buffoon you are, you make sure that Dale Jr gets hit with a rules infraction in his post race tech inspection. So he will have to start at the rear….. really? I mean really? The one track where, where you start don’t make a hilll of beans your going to stick the fan favorite at the back…. wow what tough guys you are.
Where oh where is the racing I grew up with, the fender to fender speed contest where the best team wins…. oh yeah, its now at the local dirt track. NASCAR the best thing that has ever happened to dirt racing……. cause the fans that have supported NASCAR over the years are now loading up in droves to return to where real racing still matters, where real drivers still care about the sport…
Long gone are the traditions, the honor that comes with sitting on the pole at Daytona, the racers today have been robbed of that, and the prestige of the race is now gone as well ruined by greed, greed for money and for power, I hope your happy Brian France you have finally screwed racing up so bad I doubt that Gary Nelson could find a way to fix it, wait, maybe you can reach out to that Driscoll Chick that Kurt Busch was dating I am sure she can fix it…..



  1. This is the best comment I have ever read about NASCAR. It really is a joke to watch any more.

    • drflavio309 says:

      thank you sir, thanks for reading, if we spread this around who knowsm, Brainless Brian France may get to read it…
      the dr.

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