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NASCAR and whats REALLY wrong……


Today I read a tweet from Hermie Sadler where he asked “Besides ‘it ain’t like it used to be’ what is wrong with stage racing” to which John Roberts replied “Hermie, if you don’t like stage racing you probably don’t like ice cream, pizza, and puppies. “  And this got me thinking……..


NASCAR has been toying with all sorts of stuff over the past 15 years trying this trying that, and few have worked.  They changed the points system,  changed the cars, jacked with the format, changed the way penalties are issued and classified, for some, these were wonderful changes, for others it was a bandaid on a gushing wound.

How each fan takes it varies, greatly, I know lots of fans who have watched the sport for decades who despise the changed, saying it has destroyed the integrity of the sport, taking away the very things that made the sport so popular.   But some see it as changes that were needed to keep the sport going, things that were needed to attract new fans.

Lets look at a few things that have happened since lots of these changes have taken place,

  • attendance dropped, and in response to this NASCAR removed seats at many of the tracks. Stating they didn’t want the TV camera’s to show so many empty seats. Well here is a novel idea, how about giving those seats away? to say, Veterans, or children charities, or first responders? it would fill the seats, it would be a HUGE PR move for NASCAR and it would help attract new fans.
  • As a result of sagging attendance and lower TV ratings NASCAR decided to make all these changes to the car’s to make the racing “closer” all that done was create the “Aero effect” and causing problems for drivers trying to race hard.
  • points system. they created the “Chase” trying to make it like stick and ball sports with a play off system, and they have tweaked it numerous times going more and more toward a Tourney type system. An what has that done? …. nothing.
  • Format changes… went from racing 500 miles or laps which ever the case may be, to “Segments” or as I like to call them, “Two heats and a Feature” supposedly to make the drivers race harder, and has it? depends who you ask. Long time fans think it is stupid, newer fans seem to like it, but only because they have never seen “real” racing, like in the old days.

All these things NASCAR has put into place to stimulate attendance and bring racing back to the forefront, and it has had the opposite effect.

I mean look at the Charter system, and how NASCAR has stopped releasing the information like purse amounts, and attendance. it’s like NASCAR is saying that if we hide the dwindling numbers, the fans will think everything is all peaches and cream…… nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you look at the numbers both attendance ( all you got to do is look at the grandstands at races during the race) and the TV ratings numbers have continued on a downward trend. But they refuse to admit there is problems, problems with leadership, they now have the drivers making the rules, and that’s like letting the inmates run the crazy house.

So here is something for NASCAR to consider, go back to your roots!

  • give some things away like seats, to Vetrans, and children’s charities.
  •  Go back to stock sheet metal on the cars and get away from the Aero garbage,
  • trash the current points system, and go back to how it used to be stop giving bonus points for every little thing, it’s not a participation trophy.
  • Try actually walking down in the stands and asking what fans want. not any of these slanted polls and survey’s
  • Go find some of the core groups’ of fans who have supported NASCAR for years and ask them what it would take to get them to come back.
  • Stop with the Gag orders of fining drivers for making comments or expressing their thoughts on what is wrong with NASCAR.
  • Get rid of the brass at the top, bring in new blood. someone who actually cares about racing and not the money it puts in their pocket.
  • go talk to the pioneers of the sport and ask their advice on how to improve thing.
  • stop acting like everything is A Okay, when it isn’t.
  • Find a way to get kids and the young people involved back in the sport, for they are the future of the sport,

Now is this the end all fix all solution to fixing what is wrong? No and I know it isn’t, BUT it is a starting point that needs to be addressed. or else in a few years we will be talking about NASCAR in the past tense.

And most of all, stop insulting the core group of fans who have supported NASCAR for decades, but insulting them if they don’t agree with the direction that the sport they have loved for years, is going.  How about listening to them, and finding common ground where the issues can be fixed and save the sport, by thinking outside the box.

“the dr”


Is NASCAR to far gone?

I have NEVER EVER claimed to be an expert on racing, but I have about 50 years around it. I know lots of people in the sport, and fans of the sport.

I recently posted a comment on Facebook giving NASCAR an grade, and I caught hell over it. One person asked “if you hate NASCAR so much, why do you waste your time watching it?” well let me answer this……..

I have been a fan of NASCAR since the 60’s, I got in trouble all thru school for drawing race cars, I related everything I done to racing in one way or another.  As I got older it became a way of life for me. And in a way it still is.

I was a fan when legends of the sports were driving, drivers like Richard Petty, David Pearson, Bobby Allison, Jody Ridley, and these men knew racing, they could work on their own cars, an most did.

Races were speed contest of 500 miles. It was a battle, of making a car race for 500 miles, and a driver who could pilot it that far. It was more than just who led a lap, or who racedd good for 30 or 40 laps, it was the total package.

Slowly but surely NASCAR went thru changes, and as the times changed, so did racing, and I went right along with it, because the ideal of the sport stayed the same. It was about who had the total package, and how problems were dealt with during the race, how to overcome the issues that arose.

Then came the era of Brian France, the sport had thrived under his father, and it had grown to be the #1 spectator sport in the world. And Brian felt he needed to make his own mark on the sport, he wanted to shake things up, so out came the “Car of Tomorrow” rule changes, as the car lost it’s identity,  and drivers were held in check by the rule “Actions detrimental to auto racing” the sport started to loose its mark. It lost its appeal, but the true fans, the one’s who had made the sport what it was at the time, stood by, hoping the fad would pass.

But, it didn’t, in fact it got worse. By making the cars all the same with only decals being the identity, the sport again stumbled.  Drivers were not happy, and when they voiced concerns they were hit with fines and penalties. This action, truly changed the sport.  It robbed the sport of the individuality that made the sport what it was. And the spiral downward began .

The powers that be, made it known that drivers could speak their mind all they wanted to, as long as it didn’t criticize the management. Management ruled with an iron fist.  Didn’t take that long to backfire, the fans started to lose interest, and attendance numbers bore this out.  NASCAR soon seen the writing on the wall, and began making changes wholesale, bringing in aero packages, to “improve” the show they were giving the fans. Adding more and more frills to the sport with driver introductions, required media day attendance. The list goes on and on, as the powers that be caved in to the money, and the businesses that were standing in line to get on board, but instead of staying with” the one who brung ya” format of racing, NASCAR felt it was mandatory to give the sponsors what they wanted, sponsors who jumped on board because of the product, the product of side by side racing. Slowly that product went away.  It became a sport of money, money and more money. Those who had the money made the rules, sort of like the inmates running the asylum. And again, the fans left in droves.

BUT NASCAR knew what was needed, they had conducted polls, they had done research, I personally don’t know where they done all this BUT they said they did… no one ever asked me… but I digress…..

NASCAR had a gushing wound in the sport, instead of taking a stand and doing what was needed, by bringing back the type of racing that made the sport so great, NASCAR decided that they would just throw on a few bandaids, with spoilers, or airfoils, or restrictor plates, and the fans left in droves again…….

NASCAR seen that changes had to be made, the TV camera’s were showing empty stands, folks were seeing the sport decline, so, NASCAR decided that they couldn’t have that, they had to do something! Action was needed and in a hurry! So, knee jerk reaction, if the stands are empty take them out!  Here was a sport, on a downward spiral, in need of help, BUT instead of making all those empty seats full agian, but giving away tickets to charities, or Veterans NASCAR took them out! They could of cut prices in half and filled the seats, and STILL been making money, but that didn’t fit the “models” that the “polls” and “research” had shown. Never once did the brass at NASCAR walk thru the stands and ask the fans who paid their hard earned money what THEY wanted. Why? Cause to NASCAR that didn’t matter, they already had those fans money, didn’t need to pelase them. And THAT is the problem that NASCAR didn’t address. Instead they chose to mess with the format, change the rules again. And again……


All this happened over a 15 year period. Yes NASCAR has been in steady decline, for 15 years look back at attendance numbers over this time frame. According to ratings have dropped 20% each year over the last 3 years! That’s down 60% over a 3 year time span, but NASCAR don’t have a problem.

The time has come for the brass at NASCAR to make a change, leadership has faltered, and changes need to be made or NASCAR will continue its downward spiral, if they want to know how to fix it…. I got the solution. It’s really easy, but for NASCAR brass, it’s a novel concept they will never see…..

You want fans in the stands? Here is how you get them.

  1. Think of the fans first.
  2. Get rid of the current car go back to stock sheet metal,
  3. Cut cost of racing by going to hard tires, and 9:1 engines.
  4. Drop prices of seats
  5. Get fans back by showing you care about what they want, get in the stands and ask them
  6. If you have cheating, take the wins
  7. Stop trying to clean up the history of the sport it is what it is, moonshiners made this sport embrace it don’t hide it.
  8. Let the fans know they matter without the fans there is no racing
  9. Take the muzzle off the drivers let them say what they want!
  10. Give the sport back to the people who made it great the fans.


I admit I may not have all the answers, I am not a corporate lacky who knows all the ins and outs of business, but I do know what fans want. I know what the sport needs to get fans back in the stands and it isn’t the direction they are going now…. When you constantly overlook the history of the sport, and try to reinvent it, you will destroy the sport. The history is the basis of the sport, and the way they have tried to sanitize it is one of the nails in the coffin. But so many think that the sport is evolving, and that this is just a rough patch, and that the fans today want this version they are promoting. While this may have some truth to it, what about the millions of fans who have supported it thru the years?

Can NASCAR afford to ignore the core fans while they attract a new era of fans?

Why can’t they find a middle ground, to please BOTH sides of the fence? Because the way it is now, it looks like NASCAR don’t care about the very crowd that made them what they are….

This is just my view, my humble opinion, good or bad, I call it like I see it.

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“The Dalton Bad Boy” Craig Reece…..

Race car drivers often are stuck with some pretty way out nick names, Jimmy “the Newport Nightmare” Owens or Vic “The Thrill “ Hill.  Then there are some that have a way of sticking with you, like “The Dalton Bad Boy” Craig Reece.   Racers are truly a unique breed of people, who have a different view of life, and have a passion for things most people don’t understand.  Only people who have walked in a racers shoe’s can fully understand.  But often times the nicknames these unique individuals get, are so wrong, once you get to know them in real life. An that is how it was with “The Dalton Bad Boy”.  He was my friend.


Craig and Cody McCarver

Craig Reece was bigger than life to some, a superb wheel man and one hell of a salesman. He had a knack of talking to you like you had been friends for years, when actually he had only met you 10 minutes before.

My first time meeting Craig was a few years ago, at North Georgia Speedway, out by the pit gate, I was standing there taking pictures of cars coming in, and this guy walks up and says “ hey, ain’t you the dr”? I said yeah I was, he asked me “don’t you do writing too”? I said yeah I do. I was thinking this guy looks familiar to me but I can’t think of his name.  But he stands there for a minute then looks at me and in a cocky way says “ well we need to talk, cause you need to write about me, my name is Craig Reece……..”

Little did I realize what a life changing experience was ahead of me.img_6338edit-copy


Craig was born February 22 1980 to long time racer Larry Reece and his wife Annette. Larry was no stranger to the world of racing winning at race tracks across the south for years, so Craig pretty much grew up in racing.


And in 1996 stepped into the seat of his dad’s car. After a few mishaps and mistakes Larry decided that it was time to get Craig some real training, so he sent Craig to work with Dirt racing legend Larry Moore for a summer and the wealth of knowledge served him well.


Craig’s understanding of a race car and how to make it work to his advantage was a huge part of his success,  His connections he developed over the years led to opportunities that came in handy later in his career.

But his real talent was selling himself. Craig knew he had to sell himself to get to where he wanted to be in the racing world.

Craig was known as a driver whom a younger driver could talk to, he often seen lots of himself in these up and coming drivers and done all he could to help them, whether it was with advice on driving or seeking out sponsors.

But Craig was way more than just a race car driver, he was a guy who loved his family, loved to spend time with his three boys.

An he had the gift of gab as they used to call it.  Couple years ago Craig and one of his sponsors Cody McCarver decided to team up to take a family that wasn’t as fortunate as other to make sure they had a good Christmas, Craig gave countless hours of his own time chasing sponsors for this.  Talking to companies and people, getting more and more people on board, all to give it away so a family could have a good Christmas, it was the true spirit of giving.  His heart was as big as the whole outdoors and the friends whom he trusted often got to see a side of the “Dalton Bad Boy” few ever did.

Craig even liked laughing at himself at times, once on the way to Tri-county Speedway, Craig was driving, and even though Syd and I told him it was the wrong turn, he turned anyway, only to find the road was a dead end, requiring us to back alll the way back to the road, Craig laughed and took all the teasing in stride.

I watched Craig struggle with his own demons. I received lots of late night phone calls, when he just needed someone to talk to, the stress of being “Craig Reece” was at times to much for him and yes he faltered, as we all do at one time or another.  But I also seen the change in Craig after he witnessed what God had done for his mentor and friend Cody McCarver, he once questioned if what Cody had was sincere or if it was just to sell music. Then one day the phone rang, I answered it to hear Craig tell me “it’s real Mitch Walker, it’s really real!” Craig had given his life to Christ the night before, and he was feeling the love that he had seen in others for the first time. The joy I could hear in his voice let me know that God was truly in control. There were lots of times after that that when life bore down on him, he went to the Lord in prayer.img_1065-copy

I once watched him as he stood up in church an gave his testimony using the same shining persona that made him a star in racing, to make God the star in his life.   Once at a “Customer Appreciation Day” for his sponsor National Title Pawn, as we got ready to roll the car out, I looked up to see him praying, so I joined him. After a few minutes we stood up and Craig looked at me an smiled that cocky grin “you know Doc for a long time meeting all these kids scared me, I didn’t want to let them down, but now God helps me, I know with God working through me, I won’t mess up” and, he was right, Craig always noticed the kids who were shy, the ones who stood back and watched, rather than joined in, and he felt it was his job to include those very kids. Every chance he got, thats what he did, taking that one child, who was reserved and quiet, standing in  the back ground, and Craig would find them, pick them up and it was like that child was the only kid in the entire world. Time after time I watched him do this, and each time, you could see in Craig’s face that in some way, he connected with that child.


Craig hamming it up with long time friend Mark Defore

Craig was always thinking of others around him first, often putting friends before himself.  Watching him do things for others would make you smile, because you truly seen that his actions were not driven by other motives, but he done things for people because he truly cared.  It would be hard to count the number of lives he touched both in racing and in his personal life, but the numbers are big.

I had the honor of shooting lots of pictures for Craig over the years,some he wanted and some, well when he was just being himself. When he won the Crate Class season title at Dixie Speedway he wanted to do pictures for his sponsors so he called me, an he got suited up standing in front of his sponsors logo on the trailer, I took picture after picture getting that one perfect shot that he wanted.  When  we done the Redneck Friends Do Christmas he didn’t want to be in the pictures, to him, it was truly about the kids, and watching them.  That’s just how he was….img_1114


Craig had a racing career that stood racing on it ear in some ways, he found ways to get just a little more out of his car than others did. He surrounded himself with a crew that he trusted, an all of them had faith in Craig as well. Craig also joined forces with Marshall Green, who had started Capital Race Cars, Marshall’s father James Green had worked with Craig’s dad, Larry Reece in his days of racing.  There were two apples that definitely didn’t fall far from the tree. James and Marshall both helped guide Craig, both in setup on the cars an driving style.  James and Marshall were also quick to kick him in the butt when he stepped out of line, truly a racing family.


Craig in the National Title Pawn #74 Ford powered Capital Race Car 

Speaking of family, everything Craig done in racing, he done so with the focus on making his father proud, to show his dad, that he wanted to be just like him. And I believe he did. He loved his family, his Mom Annette, his dad Larry and his 3 boys, those boys were his life, and the pride he had in them was like a fire.


It has been a few months since Craig left us, an not a day goes by he don’t cross my mind. I think back over the past few months, and after doing a couple radio shows dedicate him, posting pictures never seen before of him on social media, I look at some of the memories others had of Craig, comments like “one helluva wheel man” and “God I loved watching him race to the front” or “ Loved watching him”  day in and day out, I see just how many lives he touched in his short time here on earth and  I try to take comfort in knowing I will see him again one day.  I often go back to the Facebook message he sent me 2 days before he passed, it read “ Mitch Walker I aint seen you in a week but I just wanted you to know I love you brother” and I can still hear his voice on the phone, the night he passed when he called me at 1 am, asking me if I wanted to come hang out with him in the ER, if I had only known then, what I know now…..

But so often we lose people we care about, and wonder why, well, all I can figure is God has started Crate racing in heaven, and the Ford team needed the best driver out there. Craig, was one of a kind, it didn’t matter what time you called on him, or what you wanted, Craig was always there for his friends, and I am proud he felt that way about me.

Godspeed Craig, I will miss the late night phone calls, the trips, and the racing, but most of all, i will miss the times we had together. #74ever



“The Delaware Department of Justice announced Thursday morning it will not pursue criminal charges against NASCAR driver Kurt Busch.

“After a thorough consideration of all of the available information about the case, it is determined that the admissible evidence and available witnesses would likely be insufficient to meet the burden of establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Busch committed a crime during the Sept. 26 incident,” the department said in a statement.

The statement goes on to say that meeting a “high burden of proof is the standard for prosecutors in bringing a case.””
This headline has started more than 75 new stories as of now, and it rings loud and clear that NASCAR not only jumped the gun, but raked a man over the coals for no reason.
Now everyone is waiting to see how Brain France can spin this story and still come out looking like he has a clue, BUT it isn’t going to happen, NASCAR has lost respect and creditability in this matter in the way it has caved in to pressure Congresswomen, and feminist groups, by suspending Kurt Busch.
If you look back to my show, 2 weeks ago I mentioned the Duke Lacrosse players who were vilified by baseless claims and later exonerated. Wound up lots of people paid for that but the damage was done, no amount of money can remove the damage done to a persons reputation after being done this way, #NASCAR you should be ashamed and Chevrolet you should be as well you were so quick to cut and run pulling your support from a man who had done no wrong.
I think that this coming weekend at Las Vegas Brian France should stand up at the start finish line before the National Anthem and publicly apologize to Kurt Busch and his fans for treating him the way they have, and while he is there drop to one knee and beg Kurt to not sue him for slander and defamation of character!
But we know that won’t happen, NASCAR will try to find a way to justify what they have done and try to make it all go away. Well now we just have to wait and see what kind of stupid PR spin NASCAR can put on this, ……. it should be interesting.

NASCAR, the best thing to happen to dirt racing in years…….lol

Throughout the 40+ years I have followed NASCAR I have witnessed many changes, as the sport has evolved it has grown, and in hind sight most of the changes have been for the better, then along came Brian France, who wanted to revolutionize a sport that didn’t need revolutionized. Instead, he thought the fans, the core group of fans out there whom had supported NASCAR through thick and thin for all those years were not spending enough of their hard earned money with NASCAR, so,….. he started courting the “wine and Cheese” crowd, the upper income fans who had the piles of money to blow, the ones who were willing to spend $2000 on a weekend of racing. Well we all seen how well that worked out, and suddenly tracks that were historically sell out tracks, now couldn’t give seats away, so again Brian France had the answer, he called it “the Chase” a new way to crown a Champion. That sucked too, so he created the “car of tomorrow” again, that sucked wind as well. But through it all Brian France and his merry band of buffoons thought they had it going their way. “The numbers are up in attendance” France said, when actually they were in steady decline. And when the TV Networks occasionally showed empty seats, presto, time for annother knee jerk reaction. Lets take seats out! Yeah thats the way to do it, we can’t sell these seats at $100 a seat so lets just take them out… that was the beginning of the end for me, if he was so dead set to completely remove all doubt that he was a complete idiot, he has finally done it with the most recent round of changes…… and THAT brings me to the current crop of foolishness he has created. Group Qualifying……. the very thing most of the fans rejected last year at every track it was used at, now he has brought it to the “center of speed, Daytona” for the 500.
I have never seen the level of stupidity that NASCAR has shown this quick in a season in my life, and the thing is Clint Bowyer voiced his opinion today after a crash with Reed Sorensen who is a Start and Park Team( those are a whole separate article) who took Bowyer out of the “group qualifying” melee. Bowyer said it best, “This is stupid, no one on pit road wants to do this, its not how we are supposed to start the greatest race on earth” and I agree, Brian France, as I have said on my radio show before your daddy and granddaddy are both spinning like tops in their graves at what you have done to the sport they built. The legends of this sport stand in complete amazement at what you have done.
In the past lots of fans have grown tired of the phantom yellows, and the efforts of NASCAR to control the outcome of the race, even going so far as to add Jeff Gordon to the final group when he didn’t make the field. Well now you want to control the start of the event as well? You want to decide who will start on the pole, ironic that NASCAR’s wonder boy of yesteryear, Jeff Gordon winds up on the pole today….
But to further prove just what a complete buffoon you are, you make sure that Dale Jr gets hit with a rules infraction in his post race tech inspection. So he will have to start at the rear….. really? I mean really? The one track where, where you start don’t make a hilll of beans your going to stick the fan favorite at the back…. wow what tough guys you are.
Where oh where is the racing I grew up with, the fender to fender speed contest where the best team wins…. oh yeah, its now at the local dirt track. NASCAR the best thing that has ever happened to dirt racing……. cause the fans that have supported NASCAR over the years are now loading up in droves to return to where real racing still matters, where real drivers still care about the sport…
Long gone are the traditions, the honor that comes with sitting on the pole at Daytona, the racers today have been robbed of that, and the prestige of the race is now gone as well ruined by greed, greed for money and for power, I hope your happy Brian France you have finally screwed racing up so bad I doubt that Gary Nelson could find a way to fix it, wait, maybe you can reach out to that Driscoll Chick that Kurt Busch was dating I am sure she can fix it…..

Something to think about………

For the past few weeks I have been looking at the local tracks around here and doing some thinking, why do 3 tracks want to run on a Saturday night? North Georgia Speedway in Chatsworth Ga. Has always run on Saturday nights, with a couple seasons where Friday night was tried. Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland Tenn. Has also always been a Saturday night track. This past year they switched to Friday nights due to a re-opening during the season coming out of bankruptcy and had a huge success. Boyds has been a Friday night track for the past few years and had great management and made a new group of fans who love it. Now with a new track I-75 Speedway in Sweetwater Tenn coming into the mix it really creates a huge problem for fans and drivers alike. …. WHERE DO WE RACE?
Some drivers like to race two nights a week, Friday night and Saturday nights. Some just like to run one night. Fans are the same way, so where to race……….. THAT is the big question this year.
There have been efforts in the past to get the three tracks to work together with rules and scheduling but never got anywhere with that.
I have long said we need a sanctioning body like IMCA or UMP to create a set of rules, it would benefit the racers, and in turn it would benefit the tracks by giving the tracks a set of rules that would allow drivers to travel around some, and not have to change the car. But no promoter has ever wanted to try it. But if you look out west at how well the IMCA works I can’t see why it won’t work here. But the tracks will want to all hit a home run instead of playing base hit ball…. Anyone who ever played ball knows that base hit ball is the sure way to score runs.
In order for the tracks around here to succeed and prosper it is going to take them working together or we are going to see tracks closing left and right.
After spending time in Texas this year and seeing how things work down there I can’t see why it wouldn’t work here, everyone put an egg in the basket and bring in some corporate sponsors paying a season points fund between ALL the local tracks who jump on board, have some two and three day shows, WORK together not against each other, each one of the tracks can eek out a living doing it on your own OR join together and everyone have a great year and put fans in the seats every week!
I think the tracks owe it to the fans who are there each and every week to watch, give them a show Each and every week. If the tracks want to charge the premium admission, then they should be putting the best show on the track each week.
Now promoters what is it going to be? Can you work together to further the sport? Or do you want to keep trying to hit a home run on your own? I would love to have any of the promoters join me on my show to discuss this if your interested shoot me a message and we will put a show together just for this…

Rules……… they gotta change!

I have been around racing for more years than I care to count, and here in the south one of the main complaints I have heard for years is “ all the tracks need to get their rules in line with each other so drivers could travel a little if they want, or if it rains,” but tracks for some unknown reason insist on sticking to rules that fit only their track.
Look at it this way, each week on my radio show I do results from all over the USA, and the tracks in the south have avg car counts in the 60-75 car range in 5 or 6 classes. But you look out west where they share a sanctioning body such as the IMCA and you see car counts in the 100-125 range in 4 or 5 classes. Now why is that ? Why? I will tell you, its because tracks learned that in order to survive they had to band together and unify the rules and the easiest way to do that was to bring in a national sanctioning body, such as the IMCA.
Now I have been impressed watching the IMCA do tech at Cotton Bowl Speedway back in July, Selby Holder, and his guys were on the ball! Its groups like this that we need in the south and the track promoters need to take notice of the IMCA … it is a way for everyone to win! Drivers will have the ability to travel if they want, they can run for a national points fund, and the tracks don’t have to worry about making the rules each year because the IMCA has taken care of that…. tracks benefit from guys who travel to race, and from having uniform rules.
Why can’t the promoters in the south see this? It is a win win situation and there is no down side, you shut up the whinney cry babies on rules, you please the guys just wanting a chance because the rules are all the same…. how can this go wrong? I challenge ANY promoter to join me on my Monday Night Results Show and tell my why it wouldn’t work… I dare you! Now if you feel you can explain why it wouldn’t work feel free to contact me and lets talk about it on my show…..

For those of you who have never listened to my show the link is it airs monday Nights at 9PM EST tune in this week as we address this topic and I have an open spot for any I said ANY promoter who is willing to talk about why the IMCA wouldn’t work …. anyone?